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I provide tailored, practical, learning-by-doing sessions one-to-one or in small groups. Helping you feel ready and confident to face the cameras, the microphones and the press pack. 

I’ll show you how to prepare, how to practice and how to perform to make you a positive and articulate media practitioner.

You’ll learn all the key tricks of the trade to give you the edge when it comes to both soft and hard interviews. You’ll discover how to stay in control and get your point across naturally and effectively. 

You’ll take part in radio, TV and press interviews – all recorded so that you can see and hear what you did right – and not so right. I’ll give you pragmatic and honest feedback to get you fully Paxman-ready*.

And for journalists old and new,  hands-on help in every aspect of the trade
 to boost your skill levels, your confidence - and your job prospects.

(*other ferocious interviewers are available).


Broadcast journalism training in Nairobi for BBC News             
August 2018

Media training for executives
Keith Poole is MD of Suits.Me - offering banking services to people ineligible to open high street bank accounts

Media training for national charity

Media training for journalists


How much is your reputation worth? Have you worked out every single one of the myriad ways in which it could be damaged? And what would that cost?

I supply calm advice and commonsense support when your organization’s reputation is on the line, helping ensure a crisis doesn’t become a catastrophe. I will show you the immediate steps you need to take to protect your brand and minimize the damage. I’ll provide the tools you need to help weather the storm. There’s no guarantee, but you may even emerge smelling of roses! 

But why wait until that crisis engulfs you?

Preparing yourself and your organization – getting match-fit and battle-ready before the whirlwind strikes – will pay serious dividends. I will give you the means to plan ahead so that you can head off any potentially harmful situation before it blows up into a full-scale crisis. Charities and third sector organizations are a particular speciality.

Crisis communications "Incident Day" for Mind

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