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People and organizations are drowning in information. Digital overload means there’s a serious risk that the good stuff gets lost.  You need to get your voice heard – clearly and positively - amid the clamour and cacophony.

My long experience with BBC News has given me the tools to communicate effectively and memorably, and I will deliver just that: effective and memorable communication. 

I will offer honest, practical, no-nonsense advice when you are starting a new project. Having launched dozens of new programmes and formats, I can help you focus on what will work – and weed out what won’t.

STV News Tonight

Reviews after launching Scotland's first TV news programme combining Scottish, UK and international news.​
"Slick, fast-moving and attractive news programme" - The Drum

"Confident, outward-looking programme which really works" - Insider

"Proving a big hit with viewers" - Sunday Post

"Fresh news for a different generation" - BBC Radio Scotland Media Review

"Why haven't we been doing this before?" - BBC Good Morning Scotland

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